Richard Haynes

Clarinet | Bass Clarinet | Contrabass Clarinet

Richard Haynes, a clarinettist, has been a member of ELISION Ensemble since 2005 and has been a part of world premiere performances of large-scale works such as The Navigator by Liza Lim, CONSTRUCTION by Richard Barrett, Agnî, Prometheus, Lucifer by Chris Dench, theatre of dawn by Mauricio Pisati, What Remains by Timothy O’Dwyer and many other ensemble and solo works.

Richard has completed residencies at Harvard, Stanford, Huddersfield, Sydney and Griffith universities and has collaborated or is currently collaborating with composers such as Samuel Andreyev, Trevor Baca, Richard Barrett, Jesse Broekman, Timothy McCormack and Jeroen Speak to create new solo works for various clarinets. Richard lives in Berne, Switzerland, and is active as a performer and translator all over Europe, while proudly maintaining ties to the new music scenes of the United States, Australia and New Zealand.