Peter Neville


Peter Neville is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts and was appointed Head of Percussion there (now the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music) in 2000. Since 2013 he has also been the inaugural Head of Percussion at the Australian National Academy of Music. While he works across a range of musical styles, he has a particular commitment to new music and chamber music, both of which he fosters in his role as Head of the Melbourne Conservatorium’s New Music Studio.

As a founding member, and percussionist with the ELISION Ensemble for 30 years, Peter has been involved with the majority of their concerts, recordings and international tours. A number of works, including Chris Dench's Driftglass, for percussion and ensemble, and Richard Barrett's Abglanzbeladen/Ausinandergeschrieben have been premiered by him and written with his unique set of virtuosic skills in mind.

Peter contributes to other new music organisations, including the Melbourne Composers’ League, Six Degrees Ensemble, Bolt Ensemble, Arcko Symphonic and the Nick Tsiavos ensemble, and he has  performed with numerous other contemporary organisations, including Chamber Made Opera, Speak Percussion and Syzygy, as well as having been a regular performer at BIFEM.