Louise Devenish


Dr. Louise Devenish is a percussionist whose practice incorporates performance, research and education. Key projects include co-directing The Sound Collectors duo, percussing for Speak Percussion (Vic) and electroacoustic sextet Decibel New Music (WA), and solo series Music for One Percussionist. She regularly performs throughout Australasia, Europe, North America and the UK; Tage für Neue Musik The Barbican’s Sound Unbound and Tongyeong International Music Festival. A passionate advocate of new and Australian music, Louise has commissioned over 45 works for percussion solo and ensembles. Louise is Head of Percussion at the University of Western Australia School of Music, where she also teaches world music and musicology, and lecturer for the acting and music departments at WA Academy of Performing Arts. She holds a Doctor of Musical Arts and her research in Australian music, composer-performer collaboration and contemporary music performance practice is published in Musicology Australia, Percussive Notes and PERCUSscene.