Louisa Trewartha


Louisa Trewartha, who plays trumpet, has recently returned to Australia. Louisa has been a casual musician with Orchestra Victoria since 2009 and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra since 2014. Although she most regularly performs on C and Bb trumpets, Louisa enjoys the opportunity to play flugelhorn, baroque, and piccolo trumpet. Louisa is also a private trumpet teacher and brass teacher at Melbourne Girls Grammar School.

Louisa is due to complete a Masters in Scoring for Film and Visual Media in August, through Pulse College in Dublin, Ireland. In order to pursue this study Louisa was supported by the Mason Family Trust bursary, Garry Schyman Scholarship – Pulse College, and the Ian Potter Cultural Trust.

Louisa completed a Bachelor of Music at the University of Melbourne in 2010. During this time she received the Orloff Family Charitable Trust Scholarship and the Florence Bradford Scholarship. In 2013 Louisa completed a year at the Australian National Academy of Music, mentored by David Elton and Tristram Williams.