Cod.Act | Bendigo Symphony Orchestra


Ulumbarra THEATRE


pho:ton (2013) AP
André and Michel DÉCOSTERD


Shrouded in darkness, a piano soloist brings a 40-piece orchestra to life by triggering lights and musical patterns that completely reframe the traditional orchestral concert experience. The unparalleled talents of Swiss brothers André and Michel Décosterd come to Bendigo for the Australian début appearance of their company Cod.Act, collaborating with Bendigo Symphony Orchestra and Argonaut alumnus Peter Dumsday, who electrified audiences with his performance of Phillipe Manoury’s Pluton at 2014 BIFEM. pho:ton was commissioned and premiered by Montreal Symphony in 2013 and is an extraordinary audio and visual concert experience, exclusive to BIFEM in its Australasian premiere performance. A must-see experience to draw 2016 BIFEM to a powerful, bold close.

Peter DUMSDAY, Piano
Cod.Act, Musical and Technical Design and Direction
Bendigo Symphony Orchestra
pho:ton is a community music-making project supported by the Bendigo Bank and with international travel support from the Swiss Arts Council, Pro Helvetia