Marco Cher-Gibard


Marco Cher-Gibard is an artist working with sound and software. His practice is diverse and includes performance, composition, installation and community work. Sampling is a recurrent theme in Marco’s work and he has found a unique voice by programming and working with ‘homebrewed’ sampling software.

His work in 2014–15 so far reflects the diversity of his practice. Musically, Marco performed as a solo artist in France, and in Melbourne he launched sister with Ben Speth, consisting of sampler and guitar. Together they self-released sister’s debut LP, feedback + filterlife. Recent sound designs include Depth of Field (Chunky Move) and I am a Miracle (Malthouse Theatre). In 2014 he was nominated for a Greenroom Award for his design for Super Discount (Back to Back Theatre).

In terms of community work, Marco undertook a residency Indonesia with Polyglot Theatre (2014) and a year later he returned to initiate a recording project with local youth organisation Sangaar Budaya. Marco also performed in Tino Seghal’s This is so contemporary (2005) at Art Gallery NSW (2014) and he exhibited in Melbourne Now at the National Gallery of Victoria (2013–14). His video work, Blue Light Running (2010), was part of the Art Not Apart festival in Canberra (2014).

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