Louise Leverd


Louise Leverd studied at the Bordeaux Conservatoire with Laurence Lacombe and Etienne Péclard and at the Aubervilliers Conservatoire with Florian Lauridon. In March 2000, she was the unanimous choice for first prize by the jury of the UFAM International Youth Competition in Paris. She completed her training in the Orchestre Ostinato and undertook an internship in the Didier Lockwood's jazz music school. 

Following her studies, she had a broad range of musical experiences: she was a musician–clown on the show Les Nez Bulleux for the company Lune d'ailes in Bordeaux between 2005 and 2007; she worked with the Ensemble Contemporain Babel in 2007–08; she was the cellist on the show l'Appel de la Pompe à Feu, written by Agathe Thalazac in 2009; she has accompanied the pop-rock singer J.mini , the Janga Trio and the singer Et Maxence; she has also played with the Fayçal Salhi Quintet (jazz-world music) in 2010–11 and the Well Quartet in 2012–14. 

Currently, Louise Leverd does studio recordings, teaches and supports singers’ projects such as An' and Konstantine. She is also the cellist for the Poinciana trio (jazz trio), Harpocello (cello/harp classical duet), soundinitiative (contemporary music) and performs regularly in the theatrical productions, The Wizard of Oz for the company Waverley and Mirages (circus, dance and music) for the company Les Mélangeurs.

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