Amplified Elephants

Sound Artists

The Amplified Elephants are an ensemble for sound artists with an intellectual disability. Initiated by the Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC) and James Hullick in 2006, the Amplified Elephants form a core component of FCAC’s Artlife Program.

In 2010 the Amplified Elephants where one of three feature ensembles in the inaugural year of The Click Clack Project’s artistic program. During this year they were mentored by the professional musicians of the BOLT Ensemble. Through Click Clack, the Elephants developed and performed several new works, both in collaboration with the BOLT Ensemble and the Noise Scavengers (teen sound artists from Northern Geelong).

In partnership with JOLT Arts, many Elephants’ projects have been toured internationally and presented in prominent Australian venues. Since 2007 the Amplified Elephants have delivered a range of projects increasingly ambitious in scale that often feature sonic technology: Cranky Robotics (2007); Interactacon (2007); The NIS (fortyfivedownstairs 2009; Monuments (2010) and The Mountain (2010), EXTREMITIES (Japan 2012), MONOLITHICA (Federation Square 2012), THE NIS (FCAC 2013), Sonic Flock (Federation Square 2013), Shimmersong (NGV 2013) and MachiNATIONS International Tour (London, Edinburgh, Tokyo 2014), RE:EVOLITION (Melbourne Festival 2014).

Ensemble members include: Chelsea Backman, Teagan Connor, Daniel Doherty, Sarah Ellis, Jay Euesden, Liz Hofbauer, Helen Kruljac, Robyn McGrath, Daniel Munnery, Kathryn Sutherland, Steven Tran

Performing at BIFEM: Teagan Connor, Jay Euesden, Robyn McGrath, Kathryn Sutherland.

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