2015 BIFEM proudly presents the Australian debut performances by the young Parisian ensemble, soundinitiative, featuring its co-artistic directors Joshua Hyde, Fabienne Séveillac and Gwenaëlle Rouger.

The Exhausted



The Exhausted (L’épuisé) (2015) WP
Bernhard LANG

The world premiere of a new long-form work by Austrian composer Bernhard Lang has been co-commissioned by BIFEM, soundinitiative and the Yon Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Singapore. The Exhausted (L’épuisé) takes its title from Gilles Deleuze’s famous treatise on Samuel Beckett. Part-concert, part-music theatre, The Exhausted meditates on Deleuze’s inquiry into the nature of production and the intrinsic link between decomposition, composition and the essence of individualism. This is the first of two appearances by soundinitiative at 2015 BIFEM.

soundinitiative (PARIS)
Géraldine THÉBAULT, Flute
Szymon KAÇA, Clarinet
Joshua HYDE, Saxophone
Winnie HUANG, Violin
Julia ROBERT, Viola
Louise LEVERD, Cello
Gwenaëlle ROUGER, Piano/Synth
Franco VENTURINI, Piano
Benjamin SOISTIER, Percussion
Kobe VAN CAUWENBERGHE, Electric Guitar
Fabienne SÉVEILLAC, Mezzo-soprano
Leonhard GARMS, Conductor
Benjamin VANDEWALLE, Choreographer, The Exhausted

soundinitiative’s appearance at BIFEM is supported by the Institut français, SPEDIDAM and Capital Venues and Events.
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