Clarinet/ Electronics

Samuel Dunscombe

Samuel Dunscombe is a multi-disciplinary artist specialising in the use of clarinets, computers, and microphones. His work as a composer deals with ideas of mimicry and the aural depiction of geographical space. As a clarinettist, he has worked with composers including Anthony Pateras, Iancu Dumitrescu and Chaya Czernowin, and improvisors including Satoko Fuji, Richard Barrett and Sean Baxter. As a computer musician, he has worked to develop performance environments for Anthony Pateras, James Rushford and Ana Maria Avram, and presented electro-acoustic works at festivals in the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan.

His most recent work deals with mapping the layers of human engagement that combine to create San Clemente Canyon in San Diego, working with residents of the Sendai region to build an aural map of human affective cartography in the wake of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and preparing a recording of the collected works for clarinet by Ana Maria Avram and Iancu Dumitrescu (the first album of its kind). Samuel is currently a candidate for Doctor of Music Performance (DMA) at the University of California (San Diego), where he combines his passions for field recording, extended clarinet technique, and computer audio.

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