Myles Mumford

Myles Mumford is a fearless audio explorer. His work as a composer, sound artist and record producer extends the genres of expression and vigorously pursues new territory. Myles embraces musical expression without borders – from avant-garde to classical, pop to punk, and Jazz to Indie.

Myles has worked extensively across all spheres of music and audio creation. His experience in producing experimental sound art and theatre has resulted in his development of many unique methods that assist in exploring the essence of an artist’s performance and inform the interaction between art and technology in the recording and performance process. He is renowned for his musical and collaborative approach to recording and his ability to create a sense of presence and space. Myles’s productions can be heard across Australian radio and regularly receive critical acclaim in the form of featured singles, featured albums, or album of the week in a variety of contemporary media.

In addition to producing and engineering, Myles is a multi-award-winning composer. He has composed for concerts, theatre and contemporary dance, with his work being performed by ensembles such as the Glass Percussion Project, the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Onomatopoeia Ensemble, the Tasmania Clarinet Quartet, and Textor, among others.

Myles has also performed with ensembles such as the Glass Percussion Project, BalletLab, Swiss Australia Collectables, Melbourne Underground Orchestra and Textor. His music can be heard regularly on 3RRR, PBS, 3MBS, ABC etc.

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