Désirée Marie Townley

Désirée received her Bachelor's Degree from the The University of Oregon in the U.S. in 2008, where she studied and practiced Costume and Makeup Design. Ms. Townley's work has since been used in productions in the U.S., Germany, Scotland and now, Australia. She has worked with photographers, video artists, actors, musicians and dancers.

During the summers of 2009- 2011, Désirée attended the Stockhausen Courses in Kurten, Germany. In 2013, Désirée's work was shown in the TRANSForm Dance Collective Concerts (Charlotte, Minneapolis/St.Paul), Dance Chance 2013, Creative Nests: Welcome to Our World, Vol. II (Chicago), and at the Universität der Künste (Berlin).

Most recently, Ms. Townley designed costumes and makeup for Why Poets? An Opera by Gerard Pape for the Sound Festival in Bancory, Scotland. Désirée's work is further influenced by her travels and her interest in cultural body adornment.

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