Instrument Maker

Dale Gorfinkel

Dale Gorfinkel is a multi-instrumentalist, improvisor, instrument builder, installation artist and educator. Dale’s work aims to reflect an awareness of the dynamic nature of culture and the value of listening as a mode of knowing people and places. He is interested in finding fresh ways of presenting and making music, bringing creative communities together and shifting the perceived boundaries of scenes, styles and artforms.

Dale enjoys building automated sonic contraptions and modifying other instruments, especially the vibraphone and trumpet. He often uses common materials to create unexpectedly wondrous and immersive sonic environments. Some installations seek to reframe technology through the intersection of electro/acoustic and new/old mediums, such as his use of data projectors and spinning styrofoam, causing quasi-holograms.

Some installations illuminate acoustic phenomena and are affected by solar and wind activity. Many works also welcome a tactile interactivity, which is especially popular with children. Dale has recently been playing around with footpumps, garden irrigation and balloons.

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