Mise-en-scène (BUG)

Christophe Bergon

Over the last decade, director, set designer, lighting designer and videographer Christophe Bergon has built a unique career through both collaboration and the creation of his own work. While primarily a performance practitioner – theatre, dance, musical theatre and opera – he possesses an artistic nomadism and an aversion to hierarchy that has led to experiences in hybrid performance work as well as installations. 

His work as a director is marked by his desire to build a political and poetic theatre that draws from contemporary texts – novels, essays etc. – and he has strong and ongoing relationships with many authors, notably Antoine Volodin and Camille Toledo. His deep interest in contemporary music, has seen him work with composers including Marc Démereau, collective éOle (Pierre Jodlowski, Christophe Ruetsch and Bertrand Dubedout), Arturo Corrales, Benoît Moreau and Jacopo Baboni-Schilingi.

In 2002 he co-founded with Manuela Agnesini and Enrico Clarelli, lato sensu museum ‘label scenic forms’, to frame their many projects and numerous collaborations

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