Paetzold Recorder / Bass Clarinet

Anne Gillot

Recorder-Basse clarinet Anne Gillot works in the field of contemporary music and improvisation. She was born in Lausanne in 1972 and studied in the Conservatories of Lausanne and Bienne (Switzerland) and Amsterdam, with Antonio Politano and Carsten Eckert Walter van Hauwe for recorder and Harry Spaarnay for basse clarinet.

In 1998 she co-founded the ensemble Boulouris5, an ensemble devoted to Latin-jazz music.

Since their March 1999 debut concert, Mortal Kombat, 1+1, comprising Anne Gillot on the recorders and Laurent Estoppey on saxophones, has explored oppositions, juxtapositions, unissonos, through both written and improvised music. They collaborate with numerous musicians and visual artists.

She plays a squared double basse recorder called a ‘Paetzold’, researching different qualities of sound through contact microphones.

In the field of improvisation she works with musicians such as Urs Leimgruber, Jacques Demierre, Hans Koch, Ensemble Rue du Nord, Laurent Estoppey, Jonas Kocher, Patricia Bosshart and Abril Padilla. She collaborates regularly with many composers, including Tom Johnson, Jon Gibson, Jacques Demierre, Dragos Tara, Benoît Moreau, Arturo Corales, John Menoud and Daniel Zea.

Since 2008 she has collaborated with the director Dorian Rossel, writing and playing the music for his plays (Taniguchi’s Quartier lointain, 2008 and Bouvier’s L'usage du monde, 2010)

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