Colloquium Moderator

Alistair Noble

Alistair Noble is an Australian pianist, composer and musicologist. He has performed extensively in recitals around Australia, and made many broadcasts for ABC radio. As a piano duo with his brother Colin Noble, he has given acclaimed performances of Debussy, Busoni and Messiaen, in addition to more contemporary works. His compositions have been performed, recorded and broadcast in Australia and North America.

Alistair’s primary research area is later twentieth-century music, with a special focus on the work of Morton Feldman. His recent book, Composing Ambiguity: The early music of Morton Feldman (Ashgate, 2013), has been hailed by critics as a fundamentally important work in this field.

After seven years as a lecturer at the Australian National University and three years as Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Social Sciences, in 2014 Alistair was a Visiting Professor at National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei, teaching music analysis and composition. While still working on further Feldman analysis, Alistair’s other current research projects are concerned with the politics of late twentieth-century and contemporary music.

Alistair also has a long-standing interest in the visual arts and is an enthusiastically eccentric photographer.

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